Important! You can forward your prescription to this email address and wait for our specialist to contact your healthcare provider for diagnosis confirmation. Alternatively, you can receive a prescription from our specialist; call us using the phone number above to make an appointment for consultation.

We know that everyone is willing to be listened to and we know that healthcare is a substantial matter. It has nothing to do with regular online shopping. Get your free live chat or email support in case if:

  • You are hesitant about the right choice of medication, dosage, and course of treatment;
  • Your prescription is already arranged and you need information on how to save on it;
  • PE and ED treatments are your main concern and you have no willing to get to one of your local drugstores for a pack of pills;
  • Your place of residence is situated in a rural area and you don’t have enough time and opportunity to visit a therapist on a regular basis;
  • The payment methods suggested on our website are not appropriate for you – we’ll find a way out;
  • Something is wrong with the delivery of your order and you can’t track your parcel;
  • You suffer from the unpredictable after-effects – we’ll give you tips on the emergency measures you can take before you get to the hospital.

Feel free to contact us day and night. Our 24/7 support management will help you resolve any inconveniences. We’re opened up to improvements: share your feedback to help us become better!

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