We guarantee fast and discreet delivery. Trusted Tablets All Over the World offers basic delivery methods. Pay attention that our delivery service is still unavailable in a lot of countries. Contact our online specialist to know more about the list of countries we collaborate with.

Two basic methods of delivery are currently available for our customers:

Regular Airmail

  • Takes up to 21 days;
  • International;
  • The price is about $15.

Express Delivery

  • Takes up to 14 days;
  • Held by the courier;
  • Available only on the territory of the United States;
  • The price is about $25;
  • Gives a possibility to track the parcel (extra fee);
  • You can re-schedule the delivery any time you want (extra fee).

We send ED and PE treatments as well as general healthcare meds all over the US and abroad. Nevertheless, make sure your country is included in the list. If you live in a rural area, be prepared that your parcel may be delivered later than you might expect. It depends on the accuracy and speed of your local postal service.

Additional Delivery Information

  • We bear full responsibility for the illegal sharing of your personal data. Fill in the correct information while proceeding with the order to avoid potential problems with the delivery. Your sensitive information is safe with us.

  • Some of the medications we offer may have specific storage conditions. Make sure you get your parcel out of the mailbox in time not to violate temperature requirements. We don’t bear responsibility if your medication is unfit for human consumption because of your disregard for the pre-specified storage conditions. Check your mailbox regularly not to miss the parcel.

  • If some of the products are out of stock, we have the right to postpone the delivery. Nevertheless, you’ll be notified about it immediately.

  • If the supplier removes the product from the manufacture, we have the right not to complete the order. Nevertheless, you’ll be fully refunded in case if you’ve already gone through the checkout process.

Shipping Insurance

This is an additional service that can be purchased from us in order to protect your parcel from the irresponsible actions of the postal service or the courier. In case if any malfunction occurs, we will help you resolve the problem and monitor the delivery process from the beginning till the end. If you pay for the shipping insurance, you’ll have the right to get a free reshipping when something happens with your order on the way to your place of residence.